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                                              CORONAVIRUS: HOBART DISHWASHERS MAKE WASH WARE SAFE!
                                              應對冠狀病毒:Hobart 洗碗機,確保餐具更安全、更衛生 !

                                              INFORMATION ON THE CURRENT CORONAVIRUS PROBLEM

                                              According to what is known today, the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted primarily via respiratory droplets. With this so-called airborne infection, droplets containing the virus, produced by people who sneeze or cough, can be breathed in by other people. This is by far the most frequent way of infection. Contagion from contaminated surfaces may be possible but is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads.
                                              根據目前所知,新型冠狀病毒SARS-CoV-2 主要通過呼吸道飛沫傳播。通過這種所謂的空氣傳播感染,打噴嚏或咳嗽所產生的含有病毒的飛沫可能被其他人吸入。這是目前最為常見的感染方式。受污染的表面也可能造成感染,雖然這并不是病毒的主要傳播方式。

                                              Indirect transmission, e.g. via hands or contaminated surfaces, must however be taken into consideration. In this respect, the following applies: Using a perfectly functioning HOBART dishwasher, which reaches the standard washing temperature of >60°C, in combination with the correct amount of a suitable cleaning agent generally results in hygienically clean surfaces of dishes and cutlery. HOBART dishwashers are furthermore designed in compliance with the strict hygiene requirements of DIN SPEC 10534 and accordingly meet all criteria for reaching perfectly hygienic wash results and disinfected surfaces. In consequence, the operator of the machine does not have to take any additional measures to guarantee hygienically perfect dishwashing results.
                                              間接的感染,例如通過手部或受污染表面造成的病毒傳播,也必須認真對待。針對餐具表面的病毒污染,可以使用功能完善的Hobart 洗碗機(達到>60°C 的標準洗滌溫度),再配合適量的專用清潔劑,通常有效清潔餐具表面,達到理想的衛生潔凈效果。Hobart 洗碗機設計在符合最嚴格的 DIN SPEC 10534 標準的衛生防疫要求,同時達到了餐具清潔和表面消毒的所有標準。因此,通過Hobart 洗碗機清洗的餐具,無需任何其他額外措施,就可以確保符合嚴格的衛生防疫要求,同時達到完美的表面清潔效果。

                                              Please also note the information of the Robert Koch Institute* on how to handle dishes:
                                              更多專業知識,請參考羅伯特?科赫研究院* 發布的餐具清洗說明:
                                              https://www.rki.de/EN/Home/homepage node.html

                                              "In hospitals, dishes can be transported to the dishwasher in a closed container to be washed as usual."

                                              This means that, as explained above, no additional measures beyond the standardized dishwashing process need to be taken.

                                              In the view of this information, you can fully rely on your HOBART dishwasher!
                                              鑒于此,對于餐具清潔衛生,您可以完全信賴Hobart 洗碗機!

                                              * “Recommendation by Robert Koch-Institute for sanitary measures and infection control in patients with a confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.”
                                              *“ 羅伯特?科赫研究所對確診SARS-CoV-2 感染的患者提出的衛生措施和感染控制建議?!?/span>

                                                                                          97se亚洲综合在线-777成影片免费观看-99re 久久这里只有精品6


                                                                                          97se亚洲综合在线-777成影片免费观看-99re 久久这里只有精品6